【鏡音レン】恋闇楼 Koiyamirou (Ren)


The Dark Building of Love

Shiroi: I actually finished this a week after I got the request from Stella (which was a damn long time ago, for that I apologise). The reason why I was so reluctant to upload this was because I could find no PV for this (seems like Suzunosuke didn’t make one), and Ren’s point of view just seemed to keep on changing to me, it was annoying, trying to figure out what he was talking about :-/

So yes… This might be full of errors, but… it is a request >_< Once again I’m so so so sorry for being so late *shot’d*

By the way, because the title seemed a bit weird to me this time (it’s unlike Amayumerou with “amayume” and “rou”, I saw the title this time as “koi” and “yamirou”), so if my interpretation is correct, it’s referring to a brothel…. Yep.

Composer: ひとしずくP (Hitoshizuku-P)
Artiste: 鏡音レン (Kagamine Ren)
Album: Storia (a song which was included in the album, and since it wasn’t a single release on Nico, it has no PV)

* This is Ren’s side of Amayumerou, but I’d see it as a prequel, since the song ended with Ren talking about Miku waiting for him (at least that’s what I think.)

Kanji Lyrics:

膿み出した 恋情
初恋の面影を 忘れられぬまま…

超えられない 広い背中

その手に筆を 心に風纏う

望む事さえも 叶わずに

膿み出した 恋情
傷口に 溢れ出す絶望
初恋の面影を 忘れられぬまま

徒に手折っては 慰む日々
抉られてるのは 俺の方?

巡りあう 運命の人

振り向いて 愛しい人よ

君が待つその先に 俺はいる?
明けない 酔いの闇
眩しく 照らす人

待ち続け 耐え続け

待ち続け 待ち続け
心には 雨ばかり降り続く
それでも 今日もまた

Romaji Lyrics:

Koikogare yaketadare
Umidashita Renjou
Hatsukoi no omokage wo Wasurarenu mama

Atatakaku tsutsumikomu you ni
Fukai magokoro wo utsusu hitomi
Koerarenai Hiroi senaka
Saisho no ani ha, yasashii hito

Nanigoto ni mo shibararezu ni
Harukasaki wo mitsumeru hitomi
Sono te ni fude wo Kokoro ni kaze matou
Jikei ha, kaze no you na hito

Tomi, chii, kiryou, sai ni afurete
Nani mo ka mo wo te ni ireta ore ha
Tada hitotsu dake…
“Hoshii” to negatta koi dake ha
Nozomu koto sae mo Kanawazu ni

Koikogare yaketadare
Umidashita Renjou
Kizuguchi ni Afuredasu zetsubou
Hatsukoi no omokage wo Wasurarenu mama
Samenai yume ni oborete ha

Yami ni saku karen na hana wo
Itazura ni taotte ha Nagusamu hibi
Ienai kizu wo nagusameatte
Egurareteru no ha Ore no hou?

Meguriau Unmei no hito
Youen ni waratte, shizuka ni satosu
Ikudo mo ai no kotoba wo sasayakedo
Subete wo misukasareta

Tamashii sae furueru hodo ni
Anata no subete wo aishiteitai
Furimuite Itoshii hito yo
Ima sugu kimi wo ayamachi wo koete
Saraitai yo

Youen na hohoemu ni
Zetsubou wo kakushite
Kimi ga matsu sono saki ni, ore ha iru?
Akenai Yoi no yami
Mabushiku Terasu hito
Omoi tsudukete ireba
Kanau no desu ka?

Yoake no machi hito yo
Owaru hi ga kuru made
Ikutose no akenai yoru, kasanete
Machitsuduke Taetsuduke
Warai tsudukereba
Okubyou ha kono omoi mo
Todoku no desu ka?

Machitsuduke Machitsuduke
Toki ha nagareyuku
Kokoro ni ha Amebakari furi tsuduku
Sore demo Kyou mo mata
Ore ha machi tsudukeru
Kimi no nenki ga akeru made
Ikutose mo

English Translation:

To be burned by a deep yearning,
and have an attachment festered.
Unable to forget the face of my first love,
I wander.

Like it’s filled with warmth,
the eyes which reflects deep sincerity.
A wide back, which I’m unable to surpass.
A caring person my first brother is.

Not tied down by anything,
the eyes which looks afar into the future.
The hand which holds the brush clads his heart with the
My next brother was someone like the wind.

With endless wealth, status, looks and talent.
Me, who could have anything,
the only thing which I “wanted”,
was love.
Even if I wished for it, it won’t come true.

To be burned by a deep yearning,
and have an attachment festered.
What flows out from the wound is despair.
Unable to forget the face of my first love,
I drown in an endless dream,
and drift away in it.

The beautiful flower that blooms in the dark,
destroying it idly day by day, as my own comfort.
To forget a wound which will never heal,
the one who’s hollowed out, is me isn’t it?

And we meet again, my fated one.
You who smiles bewitchingly, persuading silently.
Despite whispering my words of love many times,
you see through them all.

It’s enough to shake even my soul,
I want to love every single thing about you.
So turn towards me, the one whom I love,
I want to bring you away
from all the mistakes now.

Beneath the voluptuous smile,
hides a certain despair.
The future which you await, am I there?
The one who shines and brightens up,
the endless, drowning darkness.
If I continue to think of my love for you,
will it come true?

The person who continues to wait at dawn,
until the day when the end comes,
with long years of endless night repeating,
you continue waiting, and continue enduring.
If one continues to smile,
will this cowardly feeling,
reach that person?

As she waits, and waits,
and as time flows by,
the rain in her heart continues.
Despite so, once again today,
her wait for me continues.
Until the day your indenture ends,
no matter how long.


3 Responses to “【鏡音レン】恋闇楼 Koiyamirou (Ren)”

  1. Is it alright that I used your translation partially when I hardsubbed Koiyamirou? Sorry I didn’t ask beforehand…I always seem to forget….

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