【NOTICE】Updates thus far :).


Okay. So I haven’t been doing translations lately (even my requests are still half done orz)

I have proper reasons for that! One being my GCE O’s just around the corner (there’s less than 2 months left I should start freaking out by now.) I’m aiming for 6 straight A1s to get into my dream school ;).

Yes so wish me luck. I should go back to translating after my last paper is over though. (Let’s not think about results now >_<)

Further Plans
I am going to finish those requests that I’ve received, then maybe after that I’ll do a mass translation of Yanagi Nagi’s Ame no Umi (雨の海) doujin album which I have managed to acquire recently. I’ve looked around on google and saw no translations for most of the songs. Heck I couldn’t even find the kanji lyrics and had to type them out myself so I won’t feel so weird when my iPod’s playing those songs. /seriously OCD about lyrics

And maybe after that I’ll translate her singles as well (Ambivalentidea and Vidro Moyou)

After I finish DECO*27’s Egomama/Renkyori En’ai and Love Calender :).

I have a few other Vocaloid songs that I plan to complete. Hitoshizuku-P’s Ikasama Casino and Crazy Night (maybe complete Bad End Night while I’m at it) are a few that I wish to finish amongst others.

Then I want to start on Kalafina’s songs. Because Kajiura Yuki has completely knocked me off my chair with her composing skills hahaha. And I love Keiko-sama (her voice omg).

If I’m not wrong, 96neko, Usa, Wotamin, Yamai, Hiyori and Toriko has released a doujin single named “Princess for Princess”. I’m quite interested in it and I’ll definitely translate that when I get my hands on it.

If I get my hands on it ._. /completely broke.

So, for those who skipped the whole chunck of words above (because I am damn tired from typing all this on my phone =.=).

Simplified Priority List
1. Unfinished Requests
2. Yanagi Nagi – Ame no Umi (やなぎなぎ ー 雨の海)
3. DECO*27 – Egomama/Renkyori En’ai (エゴママ/恋距離遠愛)
4. DECO*27 – Love Calender
5. Yanagi Nagi – Ambivalentidea
6. Yanagi Nagi – Vidro Moyou (I’m so tired of switching keyboards lol)
7. Various other Vocaloid songs
8. Kalafina – to the beginning/Manten
9. Various Artistes – Princess for Princess
10. (Just to make it 10), does anyone want me to translate Owari no Hoshi no Love Song? You know the one Maeda Jun worked on with Yanagi Nagi. (orz what am I now a Nagi freak?)

ALSO, does anyone want me to translate Kuroko no Basuke character songs? :). I’m waiting and anticipating Aomine’s one in October hahaha XD. I’ll also do TeniPuri songs if I’m in the mood to translate and not just listen ^_^

I wanted to do some supercell composed songs as well, but seeing as how they are very popular, I don’t see the need so… If you guys want you may tell me though ;).

Okay that was a long post :-/. On my phone especially (Thumbs are sore).

I swear I’ll return haha. Although updates may only be in early December because I’m going China and may not have access to some websites. If I can access WordPress I’ll post translations up right away, if I don’t… well, you guys’ll just get a whole lot of updates at one go then ^^

Ta-da and see you all in November/December!~

Shiroi (Y).


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