Hello 🙂

I’m Shiroi, and I’m an amateur translator. I started translating originally for my friends before I decided to create a site to dump all of my translations instead of having them clog up my Facebook Notes (and LiveJournal) 🙂

I usually translate Vocaloid songs, but I may do a few others depending on my mood O_o||.

As to how this site was named; “Banana” (Kagamine Ren’s character item) + “Naruto” (my current obsession (: )

= NANANARU♥ *coughs*

Right, things about me:

1. I’m a yaoi freak (and very proud of it)
2. I’m obssessed with manga characters.
3. I like typing Ren and Ruka’s names with “R”s instead of “L”s, sorry but that’s just a weird quirk of mine.
4. I like to use emoticons, a lot 🙂
5. I’m not talkative unless I’m fangirling or feeling very extreme ^^;;
6. I usually wouldn’t talk about useless stuff here, all of them are usually uploaded at my LiveJournal (which is very dead by the way) or my Personal WordPress here.

Some Rules:

1. If you use my translation (which is probably not gonna happen but -.-;) you have to credit me. As long as I see my name somewhere will do 😉
2. For linking, you may contact me by commenting on my “Links” page. O_O
3. For requests, comment on my “Requests” page. (Do take note that I’ll only take request when I post up a notice on that page, cause real life is hectic :O)
4. Respect each other, no vulgarities and all the yadda yadda yaddddaaaa…

Oh yes, this site and my LiveJournal will probably be messy for a few months as I’ll be moving things around 🙂

… I suppose that’s all for now 🙂


(And yes, this is the page where you can ask anything… Not personal (: XD) *coughs* Hence the “FAQ”.


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