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One. Of. The. Most. Epic. Things. EVAR!!! Seriously. 🙂 Synchronicity Chapter II – Hikari to Kage no Rakuen (Paradise of Light and Darkness) Synchronicity~第二章 光と影の楽園~ PV (Youtube) Composer: ひとしずくP (Hitoshizuku-P) Story: CAZ / くまがい (水城) (CAZ/Kumagai) Mix: やま△ (Yama△) Movie Story: 鈴の助 (Suzunosuke) Artiste: 鏡音リン・レン (Kagamine Rin and Kagamine Ren) ft. 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku) — Kanji […]

I’d have to label this song as PG-14 at least O_o, just for the lyrics. XD;; What? Ah, yes. (All links are via Youtube) Drawn PV Animated PV; 2010 Yamai COVER 【ヤマイ 歌ってみたい】 Dasoku x Yamai x Mucchi COVER 【蛇足・ヤマイ・むっち 3人 歌ってみたい】 I actually have two more versions but don’t feel like posting them here. All the re-arranged […]

There are so many of this online but I don’t really like the way they put it. I suppose different people have difference views, ne? :D. magnet (All links are via Youtube) Original 【ルカ・ミク】 KAITO + Gakupo COVER 【KAITO・がくぽ 歌ってみたい】 Rin + Ren COVER 【リン・レン 歌ってみたい】 clear x Dasoku COVER 【clear・蛇足 歌ってみたい】 Usa x Yamai COVER 【うさ・ヤマイ 歌ってみたい】 Tourai […]

雨夢楼 (Amayumerou) – The Building of the Dream of Rain 雨 (Ame, however in this it’s read as “Ama”) – Rain 夢 (Yume) – Dream 楼 (Rou) – Building Amayumerou PV (Er, should I classify it as PG-14…? or smth? Cause there is one particular picture… ) Youtube (Unsubbed; HD) Nico Nico Douga Composer: ひとしずくP […]