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ダンサーインザダーク Dancer In The Dark Composer: fatmanP Artiste: 巡音ルカ (Megurine Ruka) YouTube Link There’s a really awesome cover by VocaLight, and another solo cover by Ciel, you should check both out. They make Ruka’s version pale in comparison. 😉 I only have the VocaLight cover and not Ruka’s original in my mp3. (shot’d) Kanji Lyrics: […]

There are so many of this online but I don’t really like the way they put it. I suppose different people have difference views, ne? :D. magnet (All links are via Youtube) Original 【ルカ・ミク】 KAITO + Gakupo COVER 【KAITO・がくぽ 歌ってみたい】 Rin + Ren COVER 【リン・レン 歌ってみたい】 clear x Dasoku COVER 【clear・蛇足 歌ってみたい】 Usa x Yamai COVER 【うさ・ヤマイ 歌ってみたい】 Tourai […]