Note: Not taking any requests at the moment, sorry! School and work are horrible and I barely have the time for myself atm. 😦 Plus some stuff happened to me during the period when I went MIA and I’m currently undergoing therapy now. Unsure when I’ll be back but I’ll keep this blog up for the lyrics archived here! 🙂

To make a request:

Simply comment on this page (if you do it anywhere else I’m not entertaining you) and state the:

1. Name of the song (if possible, in romaji or kanji),
2. Artiste,
3. Composer (if possible).
4. Of course, if possible, the link to kanji lyrics.

Or you could give me a link (not from Nico Nico Douga please, my computer doesn’t seem to like that website, sadly), best from Youtube 🙂

However before you make one, please check the “upcoming” list (and the list below) for future translations before requesting 🙂

I take only a maximum of three req. per round (and I rarely take reqs at all, only when I’m bored), and it’s not like there is a lot of songs that hasn’t been translated yet, XD;; So this page might as well but redundant but meh ~

Lastly, I only translate Miku/Rin/Ren/Ruka/KAITO/MEIKO/Gakupo songs, which includes their variations (Yuwane Haku) as well. But not the other Vocaloids. :D. I don’t take J-Pop reqs as well. But if you really want it I could find a link for you 😉



11 Responses to “Requests♥”

  1. Hi, would you mind to translate this song?

    Koiyamirou (恋闇楼)
    Vocal: Kagamine Len
    Composer: Hitoshizuku-P
    Link to kanji lyrics:

    It’s actually the sequel of Amayumerou ^^;

    • Sure. ^^. I’ve been looking for this song but to no avail actually D:. Knew that Hitoshizuku-P released it from Suzunosuke’s blog (along with that Ren/Meiko illust =.=).
      So thanks 🙂 I’ll get working on it soon when I’m not so busy ><.


  2. I’m the one who thank because you agree to translate it! >.<

    I'll wait until you finish translating that ^^
    Thanks a lot! ^^

    • Hey 🙂 I’m done with the translation 🙂 And it’s up already… Not sure if it’s accurate to the storyline since this song as no PV for me to refer to…

      Sorry for the late translation >_< I just didn't know what to do with it since I wasn't really satisfied with the way it came out D:. But there's no PV so this is the best I can do (shot'd)


  3. Thank you for translating that! >.<

    I think the result is good. There's no PV but the English translation will help a lot to understand the song ^^

    I really hope Hitoshizuku-P and Suzunosuke will make a PV for Koiyamirou so we can understand it better ^^

    • Exactly 😉 But I don’t think they will… that song has been around since a very long time ago, so most likely they won’t make a PV for it >_<

  4. 7 K!ku

    Are you still doing translation? I would like both romaji and english for this song:

    Song: 逃避ケア (Flight Care)
    Vocal: Hatsune Miku
    Composer: lumoP
    Kanji lyric:

    Thank you~

    • Yeah I am 🙂 Since my Holidays just started.

      Okay, I’ll try my best to get it up ASAP.

      On a side note, it’s a really cute song :D.

  5. 9 Nikki

    Hi 🙂 Can you translate this one when you have time please?

    Name of the song: 名称未設定.txt
    Artist: Hatsune Miku
    Composer: nekobolo
    YT video:

    I’m sorry I can’t find the kanji lyrics.. :<

  6. 10 Nikki

    Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t see the note, so nevermind 🙂

    • It’s okay lol :). I can still do the translations for you. But I’ll only be free from Mid-November onwards :-/.

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